Saturday, July 17, 2010

summer update 2010

"u guys don't just come into local. you knock down the damn door" - hoe bag

it's been a really long time since i posted. rest assured, i have not been sitting idly

since my last post, i returned to the old corp along with the core guys. we fooled around in awormhole for a bit, did a couple high sec wars and woke up in molden heath. we messed around with some ideas like changing the corp name (we were high school musical for a bit) but in the end, the call of low sec and its emergent pvp environment proved to be too much for us to resist

since moving into istodard, we have made some fantastic new friends- our politely coy pirate brethren of the gentlemen of low moral fibre, the notorious (serd cain E-ON FAMOUSE~~~) solo and small gang pvper sard caid and his gunpoint diplomacy crew, as well as some very crafty russians in delait just to name just a few

our exploits have been pretty overwhelming. coming from high sec where a 3-5b isk war was considered a smashing success, operations such as our absolute destruction of an ethereal dawn capital gang or our POS assault against electus matari (the major antipirate/rp alliance in the area) put that paltry sum and tiny effort quite soundly to shame

but large scale combat has never been our thing. thankfully, molden heath has proven to be an absolute haven for solo and small gang pvp. 1-5 guys can consistently go out and find fantastically fun fights all over the region any day of the week

hopefully i can spare a bit more time now to devote to relating tales of our exploits and the beauty of the molden heath region and its denizens

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