Tuesday, March 29, 2011

electus matari and dragoons- party your ass off!

Buttpoint Diplomacy best Diplomacy - Finheri

we received word that a TEXN pos was put into reinforced in Hegfunden and was coming out at 2200 eve time the next day. dragoons and their pet alliance electus matari had put it into reinforced, which is delicious. the initial report of their forces looked a little something like this

for those following along at home, that's 16 bs, one carrier, one command ship, two recons, five battlecruisers and an ares

since dragoons had no problem dropping a nuthugger on the boglyft (relative) swarm of caps, it was presumed that they would have their capital fleet ready to come back to the engagement and finish the job since they've done it before

in the hour up to the end of the reinforcement cycle, our scouts reported em/dragoons forming up in teon. while we didn't have exact eyes on their force, we had a rough idea of their numbers. initial reports were about 18 bs and 8-10 bc and below for support. obviously, they would be keeping their capitals in a system away from our eyes so we had no idea what to expect

10 minutes until the pos came out of RF, we started to consolidate our BS. almost all of the TEXN ships were in station in hegfunden waiting for orders to undock while the rest of the pirate forces spread between egbinger and oddelulf started moving into position. our scout reported seeing a smattering of hostile ships moving up the pipe between bosena and egbinger, all in various stages of warp. our fc took this as a sign that they could be a bit unorganized and pushed us to close the gap between us

by the time we were in egbinger, however, the hostile fleet had landed on the pos and had already begun shooting at the guns that TEXN had repaired and put back online. not wanting to lose too many guns in case we needed them for removing support (FALCANZ), we jumped aeditide as soon as we possibly could and finally had all of our rag-tag pirate crew together on the hegfunden gate

things got a little messy for us here. no one had discussed with the archon pilots what their triage order was going to be or what triage discipline we were going to use. we also had not sufficiently sorted an entry cyno even though two exits as well as an emergency exit had been prepared. quickly fixing that problem, the TEXN scout in hegfunden reported that the battleships had incapacitated two guns and were now warping off

mental groans went through the fleet. all this way for nothing. boo, hiss. mighty FC sard caid ordered a rifter scout to jump the gate and report on the other side. mael mael tempest hype... they had warped to the gate!

TEXN wasted no time warping to 0 on the aeditide gate, effectively sandwiching them between our forces. it was obvious that the hostile fc presumed we would be RR fit with our bs, so he ordered locks on the TEXN battleships and prepared to fight on their side of the gate, forcing us to jump into them

this was ok with us

TEXN kicked the show off by aggressing first. once they started redboxing, we piled into heg, primaries rolling from glorious fc sard caid's mouth as though from the golden tongue of an archangel. primaries started dropping as the TEXN entry cyno lit, archons plowing on to the field like mack trucks. we fully expected one of two things to happen. either they would light their own cyno and bring their cap slaying fleet out to play... or they'd deaggress and jump out. either way, it was either going to be really shitty or really boring

what happen next surprised everyone

the triage archon piloted by evelgrivion cyno'd into the gate and was rocketed off at 2000 m/s to the tune of about 80km


as scary as it must have been for evel, it completely changed the course of the fight. apparently the hostile fc noticed this and ordered everyone to tackle and primary the renegade archon. not a terrible idea... if it hadn't been the first to go triage. evel happily tanked all of the incoming damage while maya and uther's archons took over non-triage fleet repping duties

primaries died quickly in spite of their 2-4 scimitars (numbers not verified. there were at least 2) since our anti-cap bs setups all sported a big assed heavy neut BITCHES! at one point, magnanimous fc sard caid was jammed, presumably by the falcon that showed up midway through the fight, followed by ineffable back up fc vanderie leaving the ever-so-eloquent warlord protagonist to BLRRRRRR his way through targets

final count of casualties is best represented by either the boglyft boards at the top or by the twisted inc killboard, since they got all the fucking mails

final status of the fight was:

friendly- 18 bs (mostly amarr), 3 bc, 3 triage archon, 1 hac, 1 lolhound
hostile- 14 bs (shield buffer/long range or arty fit), 6 bc, 2-4 scimitars (at least 2 confirmed), 3 recons, 1 hac, 1 cruiser, 1 lolhound, 1 interceptor

friendly- 3 bs (all TEXN before the archons arrived on the field)
hostile- 12 bs, 3 bc, 1 rapier (whoopsie!), 1 interceptor


pity we didn't get a crack at their caps, but eh. maybe next time


  1. Shame I missed this. Damn work. Do we know what happened in the first round 'cause thats a shed load of losses TEXN took, there!

  2. Wish I could have been there for this. Sounds like epically delicious yarrbear fun. As soon as I get this BSOD issue resolved with my computer, Molden Heath is going to fucking burn for the time I've lost.