Saturday, October 1, 2011

domi/typhoon op

ARIMAN > ariartus quit corp?
ARIMAN > can it lacked hard spanking?

battle report- domi/phoon op 1/10/2011

sooooo formup was only 30 minutes late. almost everyone was present on-time and shipped up and everything. warlord protagonist was impressed

our first order of business was to go to ennur as planned and sit at a planet and then a belt practicing cap transferring each other. this was much butts

after we decided that this was too boring, we sent out scouts to try and find us a decent fight somewhere in the hot spots. on my way past akkio, i spotted a russian gang that headed back towards paala/lxq so we re-routed to go for them

apparently there's an incursion going on somewhere past lxq in drone space. these guys went one or two in and prompty turned around and headed back to us. we jumped lxq and there were two of them at a perch... while the rest came plowing down and into a sling bubble 30km off us

them: 8-10 assorted shield battlecruisers + zealot + 2 basilisks
us: 5 typhoons + 6 dominixes

our idiots were spread out all willy nilly on the gate. cref got primaried and burned back to the gate and jumped out in a fit of cowardice (twice in the end i think?) while the rest of us clustered up and started neuting/jamming one of the basilisks and blasting the fuck out of the other one. one basilisk died and the rest of the fags jumped

except one drake (who sat on the gate and let us murderize him)

during all of this, vanderie came back from afk and started blaring up from whatever butthole he docked in... and got attacked by a pair of recons. he murdered the falcon and the arazu was like "well fuck this shit" and bailed. we rejoined, burned back from molden heath and dp had to go afk to eat and vand took over

maybe vand can wrap this battal report because i wasn't there, but they fought EM and lost two domis

after this, i returned and we fought reverb in drakes. that didn't go well for them... or my domi. anyway, net win. falcon fitted like a twat, sard streamed the whole event, my children screamed the whole time and we murdered some intrepid crossing faggots in a decent toe-to-toe engagement w/logi

so i'm gonna call this a win for the domi/phoon op (even though the best fight happened in draeks)

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