Monday, January 30, 2012

pirate on pirate violence: yarrrrowch~

CraftyCroc > i'm too hung over for life atm. going to get drugs - bbiab

we formed up a little early for the poco op today (1741 or so fleet was started). 90% of the fleet was present, on time and ready to fucking rock with 20 minutes to go to departure

fucking win

we rolled to unertek in 15 ruptures and 5 guardians ready to rape faces autocannon style (shout out to sulei with his 300dps fit). scouts showed less than 8 hostiles logged into local by the time we hit the unertek gate in klingt

fuck em

we started shitting up local right away and whomping on the first poco. it died in minutes. the local g-spot big mouthed dread/widow loser, sshecat, piped up with a bunch of ominously nebulous threats while we watched her coalition mates just fuck around in mission ships and noctises and shit. we lol'd and took 30 for food/bio/wank/local shit talking

when we came back, we got a tip that friends of harassment were setting up a bait phoon to light cyno for a black ops gang (lawl). i pinned a scout to it and apparently their phoon got welp'd by russian hurricanes while their arazu (cyno i reckon?) got welp'd hard by the same canes and maybe gate guns. i don't know but it was amusing

anyway, we went back to work on the pocos. second poco was dead in what felt like seconds. the GSA (g-spot alliance, not goonswarm~) guys quit talking shit and logged off to go watch my little pony (friendship is magical~~) and we just kept hammering on structure (boring~)

finally we get a report that a spam fleet is moving our way

fucking FINNULLY~~

Kaeda Maxwell > 2 zealot
Kaeda Maxwell > 2 typohoon
Kaeda Maxwell > 4 pest 4 guard
Kaeda Maxwell > omen navy
Kaeda Maxwell > sfi
Kaeda Maxwell > 3 abbadon
Kaeda Maxwell > legion'
Dade Corban > I suddenly have to pee.

at this point, i ordered all of the tempest pilots, loki and bhaal pilots and 2 abaddon pilots to dock and ship up. once we were ready, the last two guardians and remaining ruptures (like 6 i think? maybe 8? idk i left the field~) showed as much leg as a bored t1 cruiser fleet as they could. i knew their scout/links (legion) were in local probably watching scanner, so we just waited

and they delivered

thankfully they were kind of dumb. first, they warped in a couple of battleships with only two of their four guardians at 0 on the ruptures. webs and points were thoroughly spread and we undocked on cue and all hell rained down on the spam gang. apparently their fc must have been tackled on the field... or the people on the field were far too dumb to report the deluge of rape on them because they warped in the rest of their fleet in- battleships at 30~km one direction and guardians at 30~km from the other


damps went straight up on the guardians at range as we luxuriously plowed our way through their remaining battleships, losing only two ruptures in the whole event

the BR is sort of skewed considering a lot of people reshipped and pocos were killed in the system, but you get the idea

gf spam.

yeah, the only way to stop spam is getting blue with corps around the whole eve-universe -_-


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