Wednesday, April 11, 2012

spring update 2012

Dirty Protagonist > quick! someone say something funny
Dong Orson > hatchery is good at pvp

it's been a while since i posted anything to this here blog i run so i figured it's time for a quarterly update~


i guess i'll start with the most recent first: marauder ganking~

ransm has ganked miners in molden heath high sec for ages. roaming bands of thrashers would often show up in teon local accompanied by hilarious(~) gifs and followed by honoure-fiilled(~) gfs. often there would be multiple casualties. hulks, mackinawsretrievers, covetors and pods.... sometimes even assault ships

we used to get multiple alts providing multiple warp ins on multiple hulks(~) and it was AWESOME. we would be able to alpha one, hit his pod as we warped to the next, land, hit another miner, hit his pod, etc. our best record was 3 warps yielding 5 mining ships and 2 pods

unfortunately, ccp declared this shoot and warp thing to be an exploit and has since patched the game to prevent us from achieving such glory~

we couldn't let this hamper our suicide ganking so to the mathboat we went. after doing some timing experiments with concord in high sec, we determined that we could use 12-15 catalysts to suicide gank an orca if i didn't fit a reinforced bulkhead nor damage control


but why stop there? once again a'sail in ye ole mathboat, we determined that we could use 10 catalysts to take down mission fit marauders. the call went out, alt probers got busy, ships were scanned and it wasn't long til the first vargur and pod went up in balls of blue fire

after that it has been nearly non-stop the past week. eve-kill estimates us at ganking over 36.7 billion isk in assets

holy fuck~

kane rizzel also has a fantastic write-up on these shenanigans over at his blog, a pirate's perspective


i wanted to take a second to plug a molden heath resident and fellow pirate joe struck

joe is the owner and operator of Joe's Signpainting, Pinstriping and Tatoos (

his work is top notch and his prices are more than reasonable. i'm talking to him now about doing a much-needed banner for the blog and maybe a matching forum sig

check him out if you're into eve art and stuff


omg armor hacs. ARMOR HACS~
our latest fleet doctrine to be met with insane success has been ab armor ships. i think that most of eve knows about the afterburner propelled, low sig, high damage, low range cruisers by now so it's not like it's anything new, but i like our spin on it: ruptures

the fit is silly, but we've had a lot of success with them. from forcing carriers to self destruct (another story entirely) to killing 3b isk bhaalgorns 

basically, it's a burly armor tank, little bit of low range dps, some smartbombs for clearing drones and a handful of guardians to make them ridiculously hard to kill. it works really well with 8-10 guys and only gets better from there

i know i posted about this back in january when it was still relevant, but here's a vid of us using a similar gang to cause all kinds of problems: laktos's "tale of two pocos"


i guess that's it for now. i hope you're all enjoying the crucible patch as much as i have been

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