Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fall update 2011

Plasma shields exist. Just because your on the outside of the know....doesnt make me a lunatic. -Titus Veridius

i am really having a hard time knuckling down and writing any kind of interesting or reasonable blog post, so here's some random news items, thoughts, incoherent words and phrases that are related to eve for your reading pleasure~



god do i abuse them. i'm not really sure where i first saw them or how this mind-infection caught root in my system, but whenever i say something in a facetious or sarcastic manner (or even a jesting or amused manner~), i can't help but appending it with at least one definitive tilde

i've been told by several sources that this is a goon-specific behavior and perhaps it is but i don't typically hang out with any members of the goonswarm crowd.... that i know of. perhaps their metagame extends to "insignificant" and "irrelevant" low sec pirate crews, but somehow i doubt it

since when does one clique of people get to claim ownership of any meme or cliche?(~~~)


molden heath is forever changing

from one year to the next, it's impossible to know who or what will be in the area at any given time for any amount of time. last year at this time, my molden heath pirate cooperative (trademark pending) was alive and actively using devoted intel channels for fighting the oppressive anti-pirate gangs that frequented the area. this year, there are very few pirate bands in the area, a couple decent sized dislocated nullsec type corporations, a horde of angry russians (which we have war dec'd because they don't have the honoure~ to go -10) and reaaaalllly crappy high sec "pirate hunter" corps that fail at even the overwhelming force (and ecm) tactics that neonxgreen and the em/dragoons guys used to employ

that said, i'm having a blast. people keep throwing themselves in front of my guns


if you mine rocks or ice in teonusude, i suggest you contact me about purchasing a mining permit

we started hulk ganking in the high sec bordering molden heath low sec to alleviate bullet blue balls between fights, but the tears and aggression that it creates has made it a pretty staple pastime of ours. it also pays for itself many times over in insurance, drops, t2 salvage, drones, and loot

lately we've gotten a bit brash with our tactics, hitting one hulk and warping in on a second before concord has enough time to respond to the scene of the first crime. our current best is 2 hulks after the initial gank (that's 3 total) with 8 thrashers. i challenge anyone to do better


i guess that's it for now. hopefully i can make some kind of in-depth informative post about something interesting soon