Sunday, October 9, 2011

solo pvp or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the nanofiber

frogstomper > i was discussing you with some 9pool members the other day
frogstomper > you have been recorded in nothing but jaguars since 2007
frogstomper > except for one wolf and a stiletto
frogstomper > i presume this is accurate
frogstomper > though it begs the question
frogstomper > what skills are you training anymore? =P
Alex Medvedov > well your information is not quite true
Alex Medvedov > i have flown a once in combat thrasher in 2009

this is yet another post pulled straight from the forums. one of our junior members started a thread called "the art of solo pvp" and i had to weigh in as many people were piping up with "SOLO PVP IN LOW SEC IS DEAD" "unless you have a scout/link/falcon alt, you're not EVER going to get gfs" etc. below is my take


i solo all the time in the ghetto geddon ( and the lsb cyclone (

ghetto geddon:
this guy was with 3 drakes and a rupture. i landed on the gate with them in aedald. the arazu jumped through and everything else aggressed me. i jumped into mutto to go for the arazu with them all aggressed on the other side. i burned back to the gate (slowboat, obviously) and the arazu went for me. the instant he did, i dropped garde iis and lit him up. he damped me till i could only lock to 15km and he was holding around 16.7

i let my drones chew on him as i approached the gate and lo and behold he came within lock range. i locked him, hit him with the heavy neut and a face full of lazers and he was like WHOA~~

he didn't manage to damp me again (force recons have shitty cap reserves so damp kiting once heavy neuted is ~REALLY~ hard) and died nobly on the field as his mates jumped in

as soon as the drakes started hitting me in earnest, i abandoned drones, overheated LAR and popped an exile while spamming jump on the gate

i made it through the gate@30% structure and warped to a station to rep up. once that was done, i warped BACK to the gate and jumped in without a second thought. the other drakes were all on the gate@0 and jumped back into aedald... except one. he was looting and salvaging the arazu wreck and was just sat with no velocity on the wreck. soooooo i hooked him and started whomping on him ( as he was dying and making no attempt to burn away or to the gate, titus jumped in and whored on like a faggot, but he was dead to rights

gf in cheap bs

lsb cyclone
i had been out in a jaguar with shtang and he spotted this rapier along with an arazu, geddon, cane and rifter and told me about them. i had a lsb 'clone stashed in bos so went and swapped to it. after playing games on the gates for a while, the rapier and arazu made a play for me, trying to lock me down off a gate. since cloak delays are nasty, they didn't pin me but i got aggro on both of them

after jumping back and forth, tempting them to try it again, i managed to get the geddon to follow me and be huge and slow off the gate as i nimbly barrelled back to it. upon jumping through, the recons went for me again, but i decloaked 5km from the rapier. snagging him quick (he had aggression, remember?) i started brawling him. the arazu decloaked 40+ away from me and tried to damp me and pointed me and swarmed me with drones

the rapier popped pretty quickly. even double webbed, i was fast enough to keep up with the scrammed rapier. he died and i started burning for the arazu who still had me pointed. again, damped to <20km i was just trying to get in range to put pain on him. i got lock back as i closed and came within ~1.5km for landing my heated scram on him to nuke him when he warped in a fit of cowardice

at that point, the geddon and cane were back in, but i was tanking them at range just fine and had enough cap boosters to keep my tank and mwd running under the heavy neut and still pull range... so i did and peaced

another gf in a cheap ship

basically, there are some important things to remember in solo pvp:
- be familiar with your surroundings. know who people are aligned with, where their backup is at, how fast they can get to you, etc. that doesn't mean use a scout alt, just talk to people, pay attention to who you see as you roam and know how far between gates, etc. also know how many ways in and out of the system you're in has. having an escape that's NOT into a wall of ships is always a good idea

- split up hostile gangs. play games with aggression, know when to jump, pull range and kite out the tacklers, etc. even the most powerful ships in eve can't fight a gang of more than a couple in a toe to toe fight... and even if you CAN, in most situations you don't want to

- pick your targets. if you're in a cynabal, choosing a fight with a drake is a really bad idea. your range is almost guaranteed moot point, his dps to tank ratio is better than yours and if you get scrammed, you're fucked no matter what. you need to know what fights look like you have a chance of winning and which you should run from

- don't be greedy. when you're facing a group of ships, pick out the ones you can take and focus on them. pull them apart and brawl them down quickly... and get out. you don't need to be billy badass and try to take ALL of them if the situation isn't in your favor. i can't tell you how many times i've heard "i had the rapier down and i would have gotten out if i hadn't tried to go for the XXXXXX" (edit: not that i don't believe in killing as much as you can in every engagement, but the longer you fight an enemy, the more chance they have to call for back up, call in a counter for your tactic, warp in a falcon... etc)

- take into account every contingent you can and have a plan for dealing with certain situations (even if that plan is DIE WITH HONOURE~) if that means eccm, implants, cap booster, etc... just make the plan

- make loads of tactical safe spots. if you're truly solo, you need to be able to spy on gates and check grid and stuff. they're quick to make around your normal hunting grounds and well worth it

- get in the mindset. here's the thing- for every fight you get that's amazing and you perform as you should and your opponent bites it in a humiliating manner and you enter god mode, there's 20 where you welp, the faggots bring a falcon/swarm of ecm drones/logi/etc, you fuck up and burn out important modules (WELP~ point gone) or any number of things. so fuck the losses and go balls deep. take every fight as if it's the first one of your night and say a quick prayer to garmon as you wing in for the kill

when you do that, you're everything that's right in eve

Saturday, October 1, 2011

domi/typhoon op

ARIMAN > ariartus quit corp?
ARIMAN > can it lacked hard spanking?

battle report- domi/phoon op 1/10/2011

sooooo formup was only 30 minutes late. almost everyone was present on-time and shipped up and everything. warlord protagonist was impressed

our first order of business was to go to ennur as planned and sit at a planet and then a belt practicing cap transferring each other. this was much butts

after we decided that this was too boring, we sent out scouts to try and find us a decent fight somewhere in the hot spots. on my way past akkio, i spotted a russian gang that headed back towards paala/lxq so we re-routed to go for them

apparently there's an incursion going on somewhere past lxq in drone space. these guys went one or two in and prompty turned around and headed back to us. we jumped lxq and there were two of them at a perch... while the rest came plowing down and into a sling bubble 30km off us

them: 8-10 assorted shield battlecruisers + zealot + 2 basilisks
us: 5 typhoons + 6 dominixes

our idiots were spread out all willy nilly on the gate. cref got primaried and burned back to the gate and jumped out in a fit of cowardice (twice in the end i think?) while the rest of us clustered up and started neuting/jamming one of the basilisks and blasting the fuck out of the other one. one basilisk died and the rest of the fags jumped

except one drake (who sat on the gate and let us murderize him)

during all of this, vanderie came back from afk and started blaring up from whatever butthole he docked in... and got attacked by a pair of recons. he murdered the falcon and the arazu was like "well fuck this shit" and bailed. we rejoined, burned back from molden heath and dp had to go afk to eat and vand took over

maybe vand can wrap this battal report because i wasn't there, but they fought EM and lost two domis

after this, i returned and we fought reverb in drakes. that didn't go well for them... or my domi. anyway, net win. falcon fitted like a twat, sard streamed the whole event, my children screamed the whole time and we murdered some intrepid crossing faggots in a decent toe-to-toe engagement w/logi

so i'm gonna call this a win for the domi/phoon op (even though the best fight happened in draeks)