Monday, September 27, 2010

of life and love in low sec

in ur blog post, describe my pickle pls - sard caid
ur poast would be LEGENDARY - lt graham

i often sit at my computer, intending to write a cool new blag poast about spaceship battles and junk and stuff. often. honest

but stuff happens

for instance, today i popped open the laptop, logged in eve, opened a new poast thing thing and start trolling my friends for a terrible opening quote. it's all going well with the typically veiled (and not so veiled) sexual advances, penis jokes and self indulgent poor spelling dominating my chat windows

suddenly, battlecruisers

my blog forgotten, i went from typey type mode to ZOGM MUST KILL W/FIRE mode

that in mind, i'm going to say some stuff like really quick before someone that needs to die walks across my front lawn

selectively, of course. i want amarr and minmatar pilots... logi is good, bc a must, piracy experience not required but pvp experience a definite necessity

that's what it says in the post. so far i've got 3 caldari pilots and a gallente pilot. fml

it might help recruiting if the boys were more active on the kb but everyone has their priorities. i'll hold it down for the lot of them


i'm training t2 large arties for sniperpest goodness

i'll probably do a machariel one day, too. nothing says "LOL FU" like epic dps from a BS as it zings by at vagabond speeds with a heavy neut and 3x the ehp of a shield hac

that also means minmatar bs v and gallente bs v are in the pipe. lol@having my skills planned for the next 4 months

so very much unlike me


it was my RL birthday in august!

i got a few gifts from friends (you guys rock) but most notably was an armageddon navy issue from an anonymous person (ok it was SARD CAID (rigs courtesy of vanderie<33))>used promptly to whack some dudes in hegfunden

i was solo on the station undock at first until i realized that they were dying and not deaggressing so weboide (who was there to save me in case my bday ship lost too much armor) undocked his archon and md undocked his abaddon and we wiped the field with white hot lasers for great justice

carriers: unsporting? maybe. fun? you betcha!


speaking of hegfunden-

we've been tearing that system up for weeks now. some corps that used to be in avalon alliance live there along with (more recently) some alliance none of us had heard of that wants to try their hand at low sec

apparently they've declared hegfunden to be theirs and when you're in there you better state your business and/or gtfo


totally unsponsored plug time!!

i was rolling with alex medvedov and the czech death squad toward amamake when we got blobbed by eve-uni. i would show kb links, but we ran like ninnies once they spiked and though we had a snag up on the gate, we all got out intact

anyway, while i was docked up in egmar, i saw sassy b pop into local with me and i saw this link in her bio to some blog of hers or something

i guess she drawed sum spaceships one time, maybe? i don't know but they made me happy. i suggest you check them out right now


so i guess that's it

oh wait, one more thing- molden heath regional pirate forums! if you're a pirate anywhere and want to banter and chat with dudes in molden heath, check them out. you can always come register as a guest and post pics to my hot naked b~ i mean cats doing funny stuff thread. yeah. cats

ps- sard's pickle: it is enigmatically delicious. a twisting mind-fuck of dill goodness, hidden behind a crisp crunch and salty finish. surely, there is none like it


  1. Dp post best post C/D?

    Btw I may or may not be this mysterious and enigmatic 'Lt Graham' in the intro quote.

  2. @Raxip

    About time too, been waiting, although expected more death and destruction.
    Happy thingy back some time in that month I wasn't there and didn't know about.