Tuesday, December 14, 2010

constantly changing: of fate's fickle whims

is his name dusty protagonist? Like, not as filthy as you, but still unclean? - butters

i'm not going to lie. it's been a pretty bleak couple of months for me in eve. my lovely girlfriend and gorgeous 11 month old (i can't believe she's almost a year old already!) daughter and i have recently moved out of the town we had been living in to a new town, a suburb a bit closer to the big city. it was hard, mostly because the baby is so young and both me and the girlfriend grew up in the town we left, but over the years, the neighborhood where we had been living (which is also consequently where we both grew up and where we met 20 years later) has been rapidly deteriorating... to the point where my motorcycle was stolen from in front of our house in broad daylight! if that doesn't make it hard to raise a child in a place without worrying 24/7... sheesh

anyway, as we're getting settled and established here at the new place, eve has taken a back seat to the RL action. i'd like to say that it's been regrettable, but the timing was just so perfect that 520 slipped itself into hibernation with the boys being simultaneously pulled off their computer chairs to various other interests, activities and responsibilities all at the same time. we've been able to keep in touch though. text messages, twitter, facebook, email... late night phone calls from members who shall remain nameless... all serve to keep us up to date on the goings on in each others' lives

although it may seem like it, i'm not quitting. at least not entirely. currently, my account with DP is unsubbed, but in his stead, my market and trade account which hosts my alt frogstomper is running strong. it's a kind of crafty set up. let me explain:

since moving, my trusty 2003 dell laptop (which i have been using to eve on since december of last year (lol)) has taken a turn for the worse. the usb ports are all pretty much broken thanks to a curious baby's disregard for the delicacies of technology. the microphone port has been wobbly and i'm reduced to logging into and controlling eve from the touchpad. that combined with the terrible satellite internet that i'm stuck using until i can find a company to assist me with an alternative... it has been awful. i won't go into any more details

in spite of all this, frogstomper is raking in the cash without the burden of DP's ship losing habits to support. eventually, i'll have a new pc up and running as well as a genuine broadband connection to plug into and i'll be back in action. and thanks to frogstomper's expanded money making abilities that have given DP access to an even wider assortment of ships as well as his probing prowess, it'll be better than ever

until then, i'll just continue to watch from the sidelines as life goes on in molden heath (and elsewhere in eve). in the mean time, i'll try to entertain myself by posting stories along with some explanations of some interesting and unique projects that i have created (and not had the time to blog about) and am a part of


  1. so you're not going to be making a fabulous return this December?

    =( miss u man

  2. C Miss you, though it's nice to have you hanging around our channels as froggy. Looking forward to more updates, too.

  3. i thought it was going to be this month, but stuff is still happening. i mostly started this poast a month ago and finished it the other night... so i could be back in action by christmas v0v

    i'm looking forward to flying with you guys again