Thursday, April 28, 2011

carrier doooooowwwwwwn

our killboard even displays damage out to 11 decimal places so I can discern just how precisely I got my ass beat - Huo Lung

the life of a pirate can be an exciting one

the other night, i was on comms, lazily shooting the shit with laktos (a long time friend and one of our sexy new australian recruits) with my headset half cocked on my head munching easter m&ms. i'm telling laktos about who even knows and he's telling me about the various gangs he was bumping into about mh. being relatively late in my evening, i was winding down for bed and was just taking mental notes of the corporations that seemed to be out from bases in our area

as i peeked about our intel channels, it appeared that kwark uk and his merry band were trying in vain to fuck with eve-university on a station they've been apprently occupying in half. in the spirit of wanting to fuck the shit out of people i don't know who think they can live in molden heath, i let kwark know about the various gangs and their rough locations and let him do his thing

about 20 minutes after delivering the intel and thinking about whether or not i should go to sleep now or an hour ago, one of kwark's guys was in channel:


apparently the 9pool gang had engaged one of the gate camping battlecruiser gangs that laktos had spotted and they had dropped an archon and nidhoggur about 100km off of a gate

after ascertaining that it was in fact tackled, we started spamming every channel we were in, trying to muster a cap killing fleet while getting ourselves into battleships and moving down the pipe to aedald. sadly, being the first battleship on the scene, i opted for an abaddon so i could try to maintain heavy tackle for the 9pool guys. this meant that i would be shitfucked the entire fight for capacitor, even though i wouldn't die

anyway, more people trickled in as time progressed. vanderie was close behind me to the event and took over managing the fleet from kwark (who apparently had never killed a carrier before), got us a triage archon on the field and we started whacking away at the carrier's meager support, some even choosing to return two and three times to the fight

in the end, vanderie managed to get a cyno up for 2 texn naglfars and chimera to add the dps we needed to break their spider tanking asshattery, though even two dreads wasn't enough dps to kill both of them before they managed to self-destruct in nerdrage

thankfully, the archon fell to our guns with 15 seconds left before he would have self-destructed. yaaay loot!

i'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who came and did such a fantastic job
-kwark uk- you are a faggot, but you make some good fun times in spaceships. i'm certain this is on accident, but i'm glad for it
-caelum terra- you did everyone a great service by taking the job of inviting people to halp kill a carrier while kwark managed your fleet. it was a little confusing, but you got the important details to both parties quick enough that we managed to pull this off
-the three curse pilots (gangris, gix tyrionn and kylathar)- you guys coming to the fight when you did probably helped us get the archon km. thanks for travelling as far as you did
-9pool drones- you guys were great at adapting to the situation and keeping those carriers pointed. riftersANDdraeks4ever
-texn- for responding so quickly and unquestioningly with dreadnaughts to what was obviously a clusterfuck
-vanderie- making sense of the chaos ftw
-every other random hero that popped falcons, got neuts, brought cap boosters for my pathetically cap dead brick and put the word out we needed help

that was pro


  1. *ahem* How about thanks to the guy who spotted the gang in the first place and is just an all round cool guy/sexy beast.

    :P But srsly, nice work everyone, especially to vand for being such a delicious fc... did i just say delicious... I'm going to lie down now...

  2. Sup deepee! Here's hoping we'll all be seeing a bit more of you eh?

    That's a pretty great engagement, and I love your summary of kwark. Couldn't be more accurate imo.

  3. I enjoy your lack of capitalization and punctuation alot, mixed with political incorrectness.
    After reading tight-ass correct blags all day, this is refreshing.
    "I'm certain this is on accident, but I'm glad for it"

  4. dayum just had a fight that EASILY trumps this one. halfway through it i found myself really wishing that you were there, partly because i really miss your company but also because you would've made a good blog about it