Wednesday, March 16, 2011

shit posts

What is a overview setting? I just avoid the purple ones LOL xD - ReBeLSKuLL

no more shit posts!

after reading countless tweets, blog posts and articles, i have come to the conclusion that many of the good writers of eve blogs have abandoned their post (lawl) of writing good, quality eve shit and instead decided to focus on writing about shit that really isn't worth reading. like other games (wtf), what's wrong with the game... even sometimes what they're trying to do to fix it (blah csm)

so, instead of writing shit that (i think) is completely irrelevant to the game, i've decided to take up the pen (keyboard?) and start abusing the shit out of some parentheses. maybe write some good eve posts while i'm at it


i guess the first thing of note i should point out is that i'm back!

that's right! i built a new "gaming on a budget" desktop that truly kicks ass. to be honest, i spent way more than i should have but the end result is pretty kick ass. i also got hooked up with a local WISP (who had such bad web/advertising presence that it took me the better part of 6 months to find them (fuck satellite internet)) and now enjoy a lag-free connection to the internet we all know and love

coming back to the same place after being gone for 6 months is kind of strange. there are, of course, the old standby people who were there when i left, but the scenery is nowhere close to the same. my hq station was filled with some really nasty former IT corp guys, there are several new small pirate corps in the area and there are a TON of new faces in the molden heath pirate intel channel

however shit changes, it still stays the same though. the welcome i've received has been truly fantastic


which brings me to my next thing

i'm sure people have noticed my new corp ticker by now... yes, i have joined gunpoint diplomacy. not that 520 is dead, mind, but that the rest of the roughnecks i flew with are still on other shit i figured i might as well fly with the people i spent 90% of my time in molden heath with anyway. so far, things have been great

i can't wait to see where this next season takes me


  1. Welcome back you were missed. x

  2. You certainly were. I like this 'proper post' idea of yours, too. I look forward to seeing more.



  3. haha i just realized how hypocritical it is of me to write that "other people" write about shit that's irrelevant to eve so i'm not going to.... right after a post about changing a babby diaper

    in my defense, that was originally posted as a "pvp tactic" on the boards haha

    /me sulks off in shame

  4. Oi, DP, where's my credit for doing cool fleets, eh? Eh? EH?!

  5. So, you do realize that now that you're apart of RANSM you wont ever be able to leave RANSM.

    Welcome back! As Aria has already said, you were missed. Glad to have you back!